Comments by Pyrrhus Mercouris

« On 23 January 2014, I attended the screening of the film and concert: “Consul of Bordeaux” at the Centre Chrétien de Rhode St Genèse. This is a film without stunts, no unnecessary erotic scenes or violence, indeed, the only gun we see in the film is never fired. But the pace, the tension and the suspense is unremitting. This is a true story about what one principled individual Aristedes de Sousa Mendes managed to do, which is to save 30,000 people, the bulk of them Jews, from the Fascists in World War II. The music in the film is another bug plus. Unlike other films, the music blends and enhances the acting. It does not try to impose itself, but rather express the love and the urge the young Apelman, our Jewish hero, who narrates the story to become a musician. Present at the concert and the screen came about 600 people which included ambassadors and embassy representatives from numerous countries, including from Israel. This event was like a coming together with debates and the showing of videos by charitable groups combating modern day slavery which following the screening. The entire event became an opportunity for the audience to express solidarity and to connect with oppressed people all over the world ».

Pyrrhus Mercouris


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